Set Then Get Your Goals

Ever Wonder Why Everyone Else Seems To Get What They Want But YOU DON'T?
  • Are you tired of setting goals and never achieving them, no matter how hard you try?
  • Are you reading all the right books on getting your goals but you're still in the same place you were a year ago?
Goal setting is easy.
It's the goal getting part that most people find hard!
The Goal Getter™ Kit gives you everything you need to not only set, but GET, your goals ... Every Time!

"I have already achieved my goal!"
"I set a goal to develop my business so the income will enable me to give up my other job and concentrate on the business full time. Well, I quit my job Friday because I signed a $1.2 million contract and I need to concentrate on my business full time now. Thanks!"
Jason Pearson
Follow The Step-By-Step Guidance in the GOAL GETTER™ KIT  For 28 Days And You'll Learn How To Achieve All Your GOALS!
Every Time!

  • You don't think you can actually achieve your goal
  • ​You're not sure where to start?
  • ​You set so many goals at the same time, you have a hard time finishing one, let alone all of them.
  • ​You don't have time!
  • ​You don't really want it
  • You don't take the time to properly state the goal, write it down, commit to the goal, plan it out or take consistent action to get the goal
  • ​You don't have a support system in place because you think you have to do it alone
If you said "yes, that's me!" to any of the above, then Goal Getter™ is the system for you!
Here's What You Get
THE GOAL GETTER™ KIT has helped thousands of people on six continents reach their goals and now you can achieve yours too with a complete system that helps you get all the goals you set ... EVERY TIME!
A unique Kit that's been carefully designed to give you just the right amount of focus, clarity and encouragement to help you set, then get, your goals!
Within minutes of purchasing the GOAL GETTER™ KIT, you'll be downloading the 28 Day Journal that's packed with information and exercises to keep you on track for the whole month.
Step-by-step guidance and instruction so there are no excuses to keep going. Each day you'll move closer and closer to your goal!
1x3x5 Quickstart Workbook that shows you how to focus on 1 goal using 3 different strategies so that you get the goal you set in just 5 days. 
"A great program
to help you reach your goals in a short space of time, providing structure, and a kick up the backside to keep you going to the end!"
Chrissie Slade
"Gets you clear and focused
on what you really want and it gives you that push to get you going and lots of positive support along the way."
Anne Duncan
Here's What You'll Learn
  • ​How to get rid of the noise in your head that says you'll never be like "those successful" people.
  • 3 key attitudes and actions that will help you establish habits and achieve success in all areas of your life including goal achievement.
  • 7 ways to clarify your goal
  • ​A 3 step process for picking the right action steps needed to achieve the goal and then exactly how to prioritize them
  • ​The importance of recognizing your achievements along the way
  • ​Strategies that keep you going amidst the ups and downs of motivation
  • 4 simple questions to ask yourself to stay committed to your goal
  • ​Exactly how to take persistent, consistent action with confidence. 
  • ​3 techniques for creating an enthusiastic support team that cheers you on to success - your own Goal Getter™ Gang!
The Goal Getter™ Kit gives you the information and structure you need, and when you use it the way it's designed... 
Here Are The Bonuses:
A blank copy of the workbook so you can re-use the Goal Getter™ System again and again !
​A Goal Getter™ Cheatsheat - The simplest, most effective formula for achieving any goal. The Cheatsheet includes the 7 keys for creating a powerful Goal Statement plus examples of various Goal Statements used by other Goal Getters for personal and professional goals!
15 minute video tutorial on the Goal Getter™ Formula
​Plus, we'll send you a series of strategically timed email prompts that act as your Personal Coach and Success Partner to keep you focused and accountable
It's Like Having Your Own Accountability Buddy Every Day! (valued at over $1,000)

So why is the Goal Getter™ Kit the right system for you?
Because most systems are based on just setting goals rather than teaching you how to GET your goals! 

Here's how the GOAL GETTER™ KIT is different from other goal setting systems:
  • It addresses your current habits and behaviours around goal getting and how they hinder or support your efforts (you are probably doing some of it perfectly already!)
  • ​It includes how to celebrate reaching your goals which is an important step most systems completely miss
  • The entire system is based on real science not psychobabble
  • ​It is tried and tested by thousands of people on six continents
  • ​It is simple, straightforward and step-by-step
  • ​There is built-in accountability at every point along the way
  • ​It gets results and continues to get results

All people have Dreams

Some people set goals to achieve their dreams. 
Successful people get those goals!

Nancy Morris, MSc Applied Psych

Nancy has helped thousands of people all over the world achieve their personal and professional goals. Some clients call her the "un-guru" because of her no-nonsense approach and direct yet compassionate way of telling it like it is.

With the Goal Getter™ Kit, she created a system packed with the best of the best in goal achievement and successful planning techniques, all rolled up into a simple, effective and affordable kit. All of Nancy's strategies are backed by her academic career in psychology along with 35+ years working in the real world. Book smarts plus street smarts! 

She has been using the Goal Getter™  Kit with her clients for years and has helped them get the results they want repeatedly!

Featured In

Featured In

So what happens after the 28 days?
You will have everything you need to use the Goal Getter™ Kit over and over again. Plus, you'll learn how to change your goals from 28 days to, say, 28 months! The Goal Getter™ system works for any type of goal over any time period.

Is there a guarantee? *
Of course. If you use the Goal Getter™ Kit and bonuses as provided but still don't achieve your goal, let us know and we'll refund 100% of your payment.

How long before I see results?
As soon as you start using the Goal Getter™ Kit, you will immediately begin to see things coming together. And at the end of 28 days, you will have achieved the first of many new and exciting goals!

Can I work on several goals at once?
Real life means people are usually working on several goals at the same time. However, we strongly recommend that, for the purposes of learning the Goal Getter™ system, you focus on a single goal for the first 28 days. After that, it will be easy to work on three, five or even more Goal Getter™ goals at the same time.
I don't really set goals. Why should I bother with this?
Goal achievement gets you out of bed in the morning. It is a fundamental part of human motivation and self-esteem. You may not consciously focus on goal achievement but everyone sets goals. Your brain needs them. And so it is far better to be purposeful and confident rather than rely on "hit or miss".

So many people say their system is different. Why is yours?
Great question! There are a lot (like, really, way too many) goal setting books, articles, courses and programs out there. Yet, in the science of achievement, there are very few strategies or skills that need to be learned and mastered. Every great solution requires a problem (read that again) and so some people "make up" extra steps or tactics just so they can sell you something flashy. You'll probably be stunned by how simple the Goal Getter™ system is. And you may even know bits of it already. But, as mentioned, it is backed by real science (not fluff for the sake of fluff) and thousands of happy international Goal Getter™ users!

Order The GOAL GETTER™ KIT For Just 

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When you invest in the Goal Getter™ Kit, you're investing in yourself.

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